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The Farm

The Farm at Lullwater is the perfect place for weddings.  Pictured above is the venue May 2017 when our daughter was married.  To share our farm story; the family carefully renovated the farmhouse by taking it down to the original foundation and rebuilt the house in order to maintain many original characteristics that the house was built with in the 1800s. The family has a love for old homes and this one would be the forever family home for generations to come.   Azaleas, crepe myrtles, hydrangeas and other plants have been added. The barn, located just a few steps away from the Farmhouse, is a heated and cooled venue with barn doors and large ceiling fans designed with summer in the South in mind.  The truly authentic barn is constructed with sawmill cut lumber, and a metal roof.  The barn features a loft. The property features many other naturally beautiful aspects, including: a 5-acre pond, pecan orchard, many old oak trees, pear trees, and various pasture land. In addition to serving as the perfect event venue, the family is in the process of revitalizing the old pecan orchard in order to bring it back to it's full potential.  The family plans to plant more trees in the winter and work the land in order to grow and harvest pecans. The barn will serve multiple purposes: family use, sharing with others for weddings and pecan harvesting.  The venue will be shared with up to `20 couples per year.  It is not our intention to turn our farm into a big business but would love to share it and meet some wonderful people along the way.  Our heart is share a piece of happiness that has been so richly been given to us in honor of Him.

.....these views make for some great pictures

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